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"Strength Is More Than Just Muscle"

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Learn oldtime strongman and martial arts methods for building lean functional muscle!

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Isometric Articles

All of the articles on isometrics, one of the best exercises for lean muscle

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Learn the training that built men like...

Alexander Zass
The Mighty Atom

...and develop that strength yourself! Thanks for checking out the site; I look forward to growing in strength with you!

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Shaolin Workout Recovery 
Is there something different in the way that Shaolin monks mentally approach their training? I know that they perform daily horse stances for hours, which …

Maximetrics or PB 
Alright, and lastly, I saw he had a program called Maximetrics for sale also. Do you still recommend the 7 seconds program over it? I wonder why it took …

Injury Recovery 
The biggest thing I want is results similar to yours, and to recover from all of these injuries. From the sound of it, this program could do just that …

I had actually been looking into isometrics when I found your site and was reading up on some of the things you had written. I lifted weights about 2-3 …

Thank You! 
Thank you so much. When I saw you were able to do what you did I knew I had to follow suit. It's not everyday you, knowingly, come across someone with …

Bruce Lee Strength 
Mr. Lindsey my name is Paul Brown. I'm 26. (I have already sent you an email, but I don't know how often you check it and I want to training, so please …

Isometrics for speed? 
Hey, I was wondering if using dynamic isometrics would make me a faster sprinter? I heard that it can recruit type IIb muscles, and I was wondering if …

flabby pectorals 
For years I've tried just about everything I could dig up on chest development and to this day my pecs are still saggy and flabby. Know what might help? …

Is High Volume Calsithenics coupled with 7 seconds to a Perfect body OK? 
Hi I wanted to know if it was ok for me to do 7 seconds to a perfect body or isometrics for that matter along side high volume calisthenics for added …

Maximetrics with muscle control 
Jarrell, Can you please explain how you can combine Maximetrics with muscle control? I have the Maximetrics program but I am not getting any size at all …

Lower back workoit advice 
Sitting is a nightmare ! I have an 18 kg Kettlebell A 12 kg Kettlebell Resistance bands Any help would be most appreciated .

Great Site! 
Hey Jarell greeat site keep up the excellent work! The last two weeks I've converted to doing almost exclusively isometric (calisthenics) & have noticed …

Strength not Size??? 
What would be the rep time for strength but not hypertrohy??? Low count like for isotonic contraction - lower than 5? Or very high, like martial arts …

Indeed strength is more than just muscle! The mind needs strength as well! And strength is not only about size, its far more than that! Bruce Lee is a …

Terry Crews Not rated yet
I hear Terry Crews trains this same way.

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