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A year's training in 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body - Develop Lean, Functional Muscle Faster than Any Other Program

Develop incredible lean, functional muscle in 7 WEEKS with this online exercise program! Click any of the pictures to reach the sales page.

Ever wonder how to build muscle without weights? How to workout from home? And how to do so while developing a ripped, lean physique with functional strength? Wonder no longer.

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body is an online exercise program that teaches you the most effective style of exercise for true lean, functional muscle -- isometrics.  This is a bodyweight isometric training program, so you need no equipment, and can train it anywhere. 

And it will be one of the most intense workouts of your life. All in 7 seconds.

The secret is in the intensity. You have to produce as much force as you can in a short amount of time (7 seconds). That's the whole concept behind true physical power - how quickly you can move your muscle mass.

Furthermore,developing lean muscle mass is one of the best ways to burn bodyfat. This program will build incredible amounts of dense, lean, functional muscle in as little as 7 weeks, increasing your health, power, overall strength, and physique.

You do each exercise, the full body, for 7-12 seconds with maximum intensity, and then you're done.  Go relax. Make some tea. Read another one of my articles.

Now this is MY story with the best lean muscle building program I've ever encountered.

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body is the training program that really started me on my fitness journey, and I'm developing super strength because of what this personal training program has done to help build my strength and muscle.

That's one thing that's important to note about the program: you don't just increase your strength because you're a beginner. Elite athletes still continue to see incredible gains in physical strength and lean, functional muscle growth with this program.

I didn't always have time or access to a gym. I certainly didn't have money for an online personal trainer, or for home exercise equipment.  I needed a solid set of workout routines without weights, but I wanted nothing to do with a workout routine if it didn't also give me ultimate strength and fitness. It had to have progressive resistance.

After reading enough articles about fitness to fill a personal trainer's library, I stumbled upon this video:

After seeing the video, I found his website and read more about his isometric training. This guy was claiming that, with his intense system of isometric training, a complete system of workout routines without weights, he could double, even triple my own strength in 7 weeks?


His progress pictures (shown above) were nothing to scoff at, but I'd seen progress pictures all across the web claiming results.  If he couldn't put his money where his mouth was, I had no use for his system and I was on to continue my search.

Until a certain picture caught my eye.

Paul lifting his 156 lbs cousin one-handed.

Wait wait wait...it took 7 weeks for this guy to go from that skinny weakling, to pressing a full grown man overhead with one arm? All through workout routines WITHOUT weights?

Where do I sign up? (HERE, if you're wondering...)

You have a right to the most effective fitness training programs the internet can offer you. It doesn't get more effective than this.

Paul O' Brien, now a prominent personal trainer, started off at 130 lbs of skin, fat and bone, with minimal strength and fitness to his name. In just 7 WEEKS of only SECONDS (yeah, you read that correctly) of exercise, he transformed his fitness by adding 30 LBS OF MUSCLE to his frame.

And not just bulky muscle from stuffing his face and funneling protein powder down his throat. With a healthy, lean diet, without bulking first, he built powerful, lean, and functional muscle with functional strength to match.

I haven't seen any other program that comes even close, so I figured that maybe the results were unique to Paul. But Paul designed a training program so that YOU can achieve the same results that he achieved – in the same amount of time! Really, anyone who tries this personal training program can achieve incredible fitness gains in his or her own life.

Don't believe me? Well take Chris for example. Paul's goal was to build muscle, but Chris's goal was to burn the fat he had. 

His results speak for themselves:

OK, y'all...I've decided it's time. Time for me to post some progress photos. This was a very nerve racking thing for me to do...and I'm totally not where my ultimate goal is, but when you see these pics side by side, I think you'll agree with me...HOLY CRAP! Is that the same dude? And I can tell you that in many ways it is, but in many great and awesome ways...it isn't. I've learned a heck of a lot in the last few years and I can tell you for sure...I'm a much better man, a much better, human being now...inside and out! Thanks to those of you who have supported me through all the tough times and struggles! Your words and actions have not gone un-noticed nor unappreciated! I love you all like family. Now...ONWARD TO THE GOAL!!!!! P.S. No gym membership required! Special Shout out to Batman O'Brien across the pond! Your isometric knowledge made this possible, Bro!

Chris, pictured above, is just one of many users of the Perfect Body training program, and he has some incredible strength to match his physique, in a fraction of the time of many other fitness training programs.

To this day, Paul, Chris, myself, and hundreds of others continue to develop a crazy amount of strength from the isometric training methods in this program.

The best way to burn body fat is to build lean muscle.

Well, the best way is a healthy diet, but the SECOND best way is building lean muscle tissue.

Cardiovascular endurance will help immensely, but you can only do cardio for a certain period of time. With more muscle mass, you constantly burn body fat while you talk, sleep, rest, and just go about your day.

7 Seconds to a Perfect Body builds you lots of lean muscle mass that'll tone your body, burn loads of body fat, and sculpt your figure.

Honestly, you can get that incredible strength in weeks, because I did it. I went from a maximum of 36 pushups straight to being able to do 50 on my fingertips. I can hold a wrestler's bridge for 5 minutes, which would've made me fold over before this program.

And I reach new levels of strength each week.

This isn't some scam; this is time tested, scientifically researched information that brings RESULTS like no other. Paul will show you how you can earn fit and functional muscle with devastating strength without weights, without injury, and best of all, without wasting time.

Well, I must be out of luck, because a program like this HAD to be crazy expensive, right?

Wrong. For the instructional articles, pdfs, videos, online personal training, and mere weeks of results...

You pay $77. For a program with these kind of results, there's no better deal.

All this incredible, sinewy strength was built using this straightforward isometric training program, with 7 second exercises he did in secret at home.

Pretty cool, eh?

Here's a little breakdown.The breathing exercises in this fitness training program will increase your lung capacity, boost your cardiovascular endurance, help you lose weight (you will be BLASTING AWAY BODY FAT healthily), strengthen your internal organs, increase your energy, and leave you looking and feeling great to boot. In fact, the breathing exercises are one of the most important aspects of the program.

What about workouts for women? As a woman seeking fitness programs, you might not be interested in being able to lift people with one hand, but you could really use a program that burns fat, tones your muscles, and gives you a sleek, fit look without you looking bulky. Well then 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body is for you too!

Your power development will be explosive; even as an older adult. Yes, senior citizens can regain muscle and energy, reduce lower back pain, and even do rehabilitation for old injuries using this training program. Why? It helps blood flow to the tendons, bones, and ligaments, more so than most workouts.

You can regain the athleticism of your youth, or even SURPASS it. You will get access to true mobility, run faster, jump higher, PREVENT MUSCLE FATIGUE AND PAIN, increase your flexibility AND your metabolism.

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body - $77

And this is a training program that you can use at ANY level. Paul is a personal trainer who works with beginners, SWAT elite forces, and Olympic athletes alike, using the same basic training principles in this program. Working out using 7 Seconds of A Perfect Body will continue to show you results whether your fitness is at Olympic proportions or below your goals.

This happens because it uses the best strength building product the market wants to hide – YOU! Your progress is gauged by your own strength and bodyweight, so you'll never plateau.

What are you waiting for? This program changed my life, and my strength and fitness. I wouldn't recommend it this much if I didn't believe in it's results -- I want this program to change your life too.

The best part is, it's risk-free. You can buy the program, try it out, and if you don't like it, you'll get your money back, no questions asked. If you don't choose to buy the program, you're missing on the best results you could ever make fitness wise.

But I personally guarantee that you'll love this fitness training program, perhaps more than any other.

Bought it and tried it already? Got questions, comments, or feedback about 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body? Post them below for people to share reviews.

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