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Exercising With No Energy
April 16, 2014
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Exercising With Fatigue

Let's be frank here -- exercise isn't everyone's fresh cup o' joe. There are many who enjoy the benefits of exercise, but still find it difficult to exercise, even when time is available. Why is that?

Often, the problem lies with energy. When a person feels rather energetic and refreshed, they'll find it easier to make that trip to the local gym, even if that requires dragging themselves.

However, doing the same with no energy becomes not only a chore; it feels near impossible to accomplish. When you have to compile a report, check your kid's homework, perform errands, and jump in for emergencies, going for a workout seems to get lost in the ocean of activities.

How do you avoid this? Lists are one way to help; lists won't reduce your number of tasks, but having them in a more organized fashion will make your day less hectic, and leave you with more mental resources for that workout.

Another way is to workout first thing in the morning. If you rise early and get a quick workout in before any of your other activities, you'll often find that you have way more energy in the day than usual.

Finally, you can work to increase the amount of energy you have. This one may seem like the most difficult of the three, but increasing your vitality, even when handling extreme fatigue, can be done using TEN simple steps. Check those steps out in my FREE e-book here! Just copy and paste the URL below into your navigator and build up your vitality!

Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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