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December 30, 2013

As another year rolls by, people are beginning to make their resolutions and prepare for changes in the new year. But it's important to know that you shouldn't try to force change or results on yourself.

If you say "I have to lose weight", "I have to get stronger", you may be subconsciously saying "I have to lose weight, but if I really had my way, I wouldn't". You'll end up sabotaging yourself the first chance you get.

Instead, make the choice to change. You can choose; you don't have to get stronger, but because of your own goals and will power, you WILL get stronger.

When you believe that, believe in the power of your choice, you'll "reverse sabotage" yourself. That is, you'll subconsciously do things that pushes you toward your goals, without effort.

In other words, I'm not going to be strong, lose weight, or be happy because I have to. I'll do it because I CHOOSE to.


Jarell Lindsey Owner,

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