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Intensity Through Active Isometrics
May 20, 2015

Intensity Through Active Isometrics

There are many goals in the realm of fitness; movement, endurance, muscle size, explosive power, etc. How many styles of fitness can cover multiple of these? Isometric exercise comes to mind; things from yoga and Pilates to wrestling and gymnastics incorporate isometric exercise.

Wait...if there are such broad uses for isometrics, how do you know what style to use for what? Well, I'll cover different styles to paint a better picture for you.

My personal favorite isometric training style is what I call active isometrics, also known as overcoming isometrics. These are maximum effort isometric exercises done against an immovable object with the intent to move it. This style is my favorite because of the intensity you have to put into the exercise, with lowest risk of injury of any style of exercise with that nature of intensity.

Also, it's a favorite because you can be a steel bending, horselifting strength legend.

Alexander Zass would agree. And his physique is nothing to scoff at either.

Learn some more about active isometrics by reading the article linked below!

Active Isometrics

P.S. Did you know that Bruce Lee was an avid trainer of isometrics? He trained using a power rack in the style promoted by Bob Hoffman. Though that style is not the alpha and omega of isometric training, it developed the crazy tendon and ligament strength that enabled Bruce Lee to do the powerful things he performed with his small stature. If you want to learn an isometric style that goes beyond the depth of Bruce Lee's isometric exercises, check out the 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body link below.

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Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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