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Love Your Training
January 31, 2015
Greetings from Lean Functional Muscle!

Love Your Training


February is the notorious month for all things lovey-dovey. All the Shakespearian folks oozing with romantic ideas love it, and all the poor souls who have love without creativity seem to hate it.

Have no fear, because there's something this coming February that I believe we can all love equally - our training!

Every day for the month of February, I'll be posting a picture of a different exercise that I'll be focusing on for the day, to show love and commitment to one thing that will never do me wrong -- my workout.

Take the time to love your training this month! Step out of the darkness and into the #LYT!

P.S. A lot of my training will include bodyweight isometrics exercises from 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body. Have you bought it yet?

You can greatly increase the amount of energy you have. This one may seem difficult, but increasing your vitality, even when handling extreme fatigue, can be done using TEN simple steps. Check those steps out in my FREE e-book! Just go to the bonus page (access exclusive to subscribers) by clicking here and type in the password "healthandstrength".

Blessings to you and yours, and happy training! P.S. Have you checked out the workout equipment store on the site? I've expanded the fitness programs I offer, and I've added a new equipment page full of powerful training tools to boost your strength to new heights! There's a brand new program for you as well. Check them out below!



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