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LYT: Love Your Training 3-4
February 04, 2015

Love Your Training 3-4

#LoveYourTraining: For the month of February, I'll be posting pictures of a different exercise and explaining why I love it in my training.

Today I'm posting days 3 and 4, check them out!

#LYT 3: Isometric and Dynamic Tension Diamond Pushups

Isometric diamond pushup holds give both my chest and triceps a nice pump, and it trains the stability and contraction of that pushup position. I'll generally hold for one minute, and focus both on flexing my chest and triceps, as well as pulling my hands apart on the floor to give my triceps extra work.

Dynamic tension diamond pushups work the my concentration, willpower, endurance, and mobility. Having to keep my arms and chest completely flexed as I move through the full range of the pushup trains my nerves to improve at the movement immensely, as well as training my muscle for added strength and functionality.

#LYT 4: Isometric Chest Compression (Lower Chest)

This is one of the core isometric exercises in my chest routine. I will position my hands as you see in the photo, and press them together as though each hand were trying to go through the other. I will squeeze my chest muscles hard as I perform this movement, for added difficulty, and keep that intensity for about 12 seconds before moving to a different position.

Stay tuned for more lean, functional muscle training to love!

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Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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