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Progeny in Physical Culture
March 23, 2014
Greetings from!

Progeny is a very important concept in the physical culture world. Not always literal progeny, but those who raise each other in strength become like a family. There is a strong reason to honor your mother and father, and the ones who came before you; they have paved the path that you now walk, and you will do the same for those who come after you.

That said, how will your progeny grow? Will you train your physical culture family in arrogance, showing that strength and power trumps all without a sense of virtue? Or how about training that you can become famous and rich with your physical culture training?

If anything, you want your progeny to represent the culture from which they came, TRUE physical culture. This is a culture that honors and respects strength, but values civility and compassion. It emphasizes righteousness and helping others. Even in the mental training, it emphasizes wisdom and higher knowledge. Otto Arco felt no anger from his students sharing his techniques to others. Alexander Zass felt proud when others reached a level of strength comparable to his with his methods. Not just your training, but you character and philosophy will spread to those you teach. So what would you like your progeny to learn?

Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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