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Advice from the Longevity Sage
January 05, 2014
Greetings from!

Peter Ragnar is a man who's knowledge, wisdom, and incredible love of life goes beyond his already impressive resume. With more that 60 years of martial arts experience, as well as being a qigong master and professional strongman, has a physique more appropriate for someone in their 20's.

Part of his beautiful longevity can be attributed to exercise, and no small part. He wrote an article on his own site,, that I'd like to share for the newsletter today.

"Well, I was fascinated with how to mold my body from the proverbial ninety-eight-pound weakling into a fit, strong, healthy, and enduring fleshly entity. Didn’t I say enduring? Superman isn’t supposed to get old and die, yet even strongmen do. However, it certainly gives you a lot of confidence to think that a person can become this strong and maintain it into their eighties. Being a pre–baby boomer myself, I’ve followed the Mighty Atom’s example and performed various feats of strength. I can still bend horseshoes and steel spikes and roll a bar of steel around my arm into a bracelet, and I recently pinch gripped seven barbell plates on the smooth side that weighed a total of 160 pounds. I also did 2,000 parallel bar dips in eighty minutes. It sort of gives you the feeling that nothing is impossible for a person if only they put their mind to it. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m also an advocate of radical life extension. I believe we have yet to tap the limits of our life span. Is exercise an elixir that can add years to your life and life to your years?

A massive study was conducted at Harvard University to answer just such a question. Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger and his colleagues studied 17,000 male Harvard alumni to find out. Here are their conclusions: Those who burned only 500 calories a week on exercise had the highest death rate. Those who burned 1,000 calories per week—that’s like walking five to ten miles a week—had a twenty-two percent lower mortality risk. However, if you engaged in intense exercise, working out from five to ten hours a week and burning up to 3,500 calories, the research concluded that you had a whopping fifty-four percent improvement in longevity!

Perhaps, in part, this startling statistic is due to the fact that exercise burns up free fatty acids for eighty percent of the calories used in a workout. Exercise also increases your metabolic rate, so you don’t have to worry as much about your caloric intake. Exercise feels good because it releases stress and tension. In today’s concrete jungles, it’s socially unacceptable to physically attack your business adversaries, coworkers, or boss. However, there is nothing stopping you from attacking the weights in the gym or hitting the pavement and grinding out some miles. Exercise is the greatest alternative when the bells and whistles of your body signal fight-or-flight reactions to stressful stimuli."

There's much more advice in article at the link below, read the article and share! Hopefully you'll get as much insight as I did.


Jarell Lindsey Owner,

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