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The Value of Art In Exercise
March 19, 2014
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When you hear about people studying exercise, it is always thought of as a science. These movement in this angle with this amount of weight will produce this much stimulus, and if you deviate from this model by 1%, you'll either plateau or overtrain. The true nature of exercise is in its artistic expression. When oldtime strongmen trained, they didn't have science at their disposal as we do today. While the science has given us much insight, it detracts from us listening to our own bodies, exploring different movements, and pushing ourselves to make our style of exercise truly our own.

Bud Jeffries, in a blog post which you can read here (, said

"Exercising the way that I do – at professional strongman level – with the different strength components we work with is like having a black belt in exercise."

What does it mean to have a black belt? Well it means that you have put enough spirit, training, and dedication into your art that you, for all intensive purposes, are a physical embodiment of your art. As a true black belt in karate, when people see you, they should see karate. However, when they see another black belt in karate, they should not see the same karate. That's how it should be with exercise. When you become a true expression of the training you do, you embody that style of training, and no two people should do it the same. That's art.

Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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