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Your Veritas For Strength
March 25, 2014
Greetings from!

What is your VERITAS for becoming strong? This could be interpreted as reason, but it more accurately means “what is your ‘truth’ for becoming strong?” Everyone has a set of values that they hold as their truths, which are forged from their own experiences. Your truth may be different from mine, but know your veritas for strength.

For instance, I know many who have the truth of protection. They strength train so that they can have enough strength to protect those closest to them, or simply those in need. They are the guardians of the world, and often the teachers who will raise others in their strength.

There are yet others who seek strength for the simple reason of acquiring strength. These people constantly struggle again themselves and others, looking to be the strongest there is purely for the sake of strength. Everything is a challenge, and these people may never reach their goals (there is always someone or something stronger), but that never stops them or discourages them from trying. It is often these people who have incredible willpower to reach their goals.

Ever still, there are those whose VERITAS is domination. They seek strength to manipulate people who they see as weaker. These are the bullies of the strength world, and they are in direct conflict with the protectors. They often have not mastered themselves, and seek to fill that void by trying to master others.

Whatever your VERITAS for strength training, stand behind it in confidence, knowing the rewards and the ultimate consequences. For this, a quote comes to mind:

“I ain’t done some things a whole lot of folks agree with, but I can live with my choices, as well as my consequences. Can you?” - Michael Jai White

Blessings to you and yours, and happy training!

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