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Abs advice post lipo

Best exercise to smooth out lumps and bumps on abs that have resulted from post lipo 3yrs. Already exercise (pilates, aerobic, strength training) 4-5 x weekly with minimal results.

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May 29, 2016
Ab Exercises After Liposuction
by: Jarell

The unfortunate thing about liposuction, aesthetically, is that the excess skin from the procedure often does not disappear without surgical removal. Nevertheless, there are certainly dietary and exercise changes you can focus on to help improve what you can.

For one, be sure that your ab training is intense. When I say intense, I mean truly intense.

People often train their abs differently from any other muscles on the body. You don't see the people with the best arms in the gym picking up 5lbs and doing one thousand curls, unless perhaps for a pump; no, to grow muscle, they'll utilize a weight that they can only lift for, say, 6 to 7 reps that requires strength effort.

Same with abs; doing crunch after crunch after bicycle after plank after crunch can only go so far in terms of ab muscle growth without progressive resistance. Perform exercises that require you to progressively overload the abs, as in weighted crunches or the Warrior's Ab Crunch isometric exercise.

That's what I've got in terms of muscle building, but often times ab display is a matter of overall body fat percentage.

You can't spot reduce bodyfat, despite what some trainers may say. All you can do is lower your overall bodyfat by increasing your intake of fibrous vegetables, reducing carb and sugar intake (eliminate sugar entirely if you can), and eating to schedule, not to demand (just a few tips).

Otherwise, as I said above, excess skin may require surgical removal, but I'd personally say fuck that, and embrace the journey of fitness progress ahead.

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