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Affirmative Action

No, this article is not going to make a political commentary. However, it will hopefully comment on your mental approach to training.

You NEED affirmations to truly succeed in your training. Some of you may feel that there is little benefit to giving yourself a mental pep talk every time you prepare to perform a workout; that perhaps all you need is to toughen up and do it. Well, you’re simply wrong, and let me tell you why.

Why do weights have numbers on them? Why don’t gyms simply have hunks of metal that progressively increase in size without you knowing how much they weigh?

Safety is certainly a big part of it. Having a bunch of patrons swinging and pressing varied sizes of heavy metal with no clue how much they weigh is a lawsuit in training.

Yet, stonelifting is one of the first forms of weightlifting there was, and you don’t see many rocks in nature with numbers printed on them, unless Dwayne Johnson happens to have some tattooed.

No, the true purpose of the numbers is affirmation. When you see that the dumbbell weighs 50lbs, you know exactly where your current strength level is. When you advance to lifting the 60lbs dumbbell, that affirms the success of your training and dedication, and you have a renewed motivation to continue training.

I’ll go a step further; what is a community if not group affirmation? Training in a room of like-minded people who want to see you succeed almost as badly as they want to is an affirmation in itself.

Consistent progress is affirmation. Maybe you can do 30 pushups instead of 20. Maybe you ran that mile a little faster than before. Maybe your spotter encouraged you to reach that one extra rep so that you hit a PR. All of those are potent, in the moment affirmations.

If those affirmations are as strong as they are in those moments, imagine their power when you are feeding them regularly and daily to your subconscious mind?

I’m sorry, I misspoke. Don’t imagine it; just do it. Like a TV infomercial: you’ll love the results, I guarantee it.

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