Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

All strength comes from within

by Gordon Anderson
(Oregon USA)

"On 22 February 1894 Sandow attended the College of Surgeons and Physicians in New York and allowed himself to be hypnotized.......................................
And it was true that the mighty Sandow had in the space of 30 seconds been reduced to powerlessness. When the doctor pushed his arms up in the air, they would remain there until they were pushed down again. The doctor then made sport of Sandow, telling him that a three pound dumbell was so heavy that he would not be able to lift it. ' Sandow tugged and struggled, straining every muscle in his body in a vain effort to lift it.' Having demonstrated that not merely weak and hysterical people were subject to hypnotism, the doctor awakened the strongman, who was bright and cheerful after his ordeal."

“David Waller”
“The Perfect Man

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Jul 27, 2016
Mental Fortitude
by: Jarell

The power of the mind is paramount. The Mighty Atom would often do a similar demonstration with the people at his shows, hypnotizing them into the strength to bend a 60 penny nail, to the amazement of the crowd. Then, returning the audience member to their natural mindstate, they couldn't muster the strength to even kink the nail. A truly important lesson here, thank you, Gordon!

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