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Ancient East Indian Isometrics

by Gordon Anderson
(Oregon USA)

"Exercise Without Movement" by Swami Rama is a great book. I think that this book is one of the best ways to explain to people, who only think that traditional western type isotonic type exercises are helpful,just why visualized tensing exercises and isometrics are so effective.......

The exercises in this book are unique,for all effort is first mental, and then the body acts accordingly. Here mind and body are trained together."

There is so much wisdom in the book that it is difficult to isolate specific passages,but the following are a good start:

"The exercises in this book,however,are yoga practices with benefits far exceeding ordinary muscular movement. In these subtle exercises one vitalizes muscles,respiration, senses,nervous system, and mind...... 'Exercise Without Movement', however, is a systematic system of exercise that allows the practitioner to travel along the pathways of action from mind to muscle.......

Most importantly, in these exercises one comes to experience the tremendous potential of the mind itself, and one makes the dramatic step inward through the layers of personality toward the center of mind and consciousness".

You can't beat 5,000 years of successful application!

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Jul 05, 2016

by: Jarell

Always truly informative with your comments, Gordon! Thank you.

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