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Ant Power - Small, But Mighty

Nature often shows great examples of ways for us to live in true synergy. Packs of animals work in groups to hunt, communities of bugs build underground cities, groups of sea mammals protect their injured members.

This kind of community interaction is something we should strive to achieve as a species. However, this article will focus on what nature can offer to the individual in reference to true strength, endurance, and willpower.

Rather than looking to the ferocious tiger, the powerful gorilla, or the brave lion for an example of strength, we will observe something much smaller.

An ant.

The ant, commonly known as Melody Schoenfeld, is a phenomenal example of strength. It has the ability to lift things ten times its size and drag things roughly 50 times its size.

Ant power also is a great example of true endurance, considering that it can run what would be the equivalent of 10 miles at a 15 mph pace. Without a break. Multiple times a day. Having a muscular system that could endure this level of stress would be beyond incredible for a human.

However, perhaps the most admirable indicator of an ant's strength is it's will power. When faced with an obstacle, an ant is prepared to expend all of its physical and mental resources to overcome that obstacle in order to achieve its goal (generally returning to the colony with food). Whether that obstacle be an injury, a block in the path, or a predator, the ant presumably never loses sight of its goal.  

There is much to be learned from ant power as a physical culturist, and as any person seeking to achieve goals in life. We learn not to let things deter us from our true paths sought in life. We learn to become like warriors, protecting the home that we love through our dedication and efforts. We learn that when we allow ourselves to actualize our full mental potential, we draw tremendous strength from within for our minds and muscular systems. 

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