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The Art Of The Naked Hand

A Simple Yet Effective 2-Min Hand Strength Routine

Artistry, computations, aviation, and even authorship depend on them. The strongest human beings to walk this planet would be legendless without them. They can construct and destroy, sometimes simultaneously. And most starkly, they can grow in power, anytime, anywhere.

These ever evolving, ever critical things are one of the most important aspects of functional strength: behold the power of your hands. Empowering your hand strength can be the foundation to forging an unbreakable bond in the chain of strength in your body.  

If you wish to forge a powerful weapon, you have to know how to use the forging hammer. If everything else is functioning well but you don’t know how to use the hammer, you’re not gonna be able to forge a proper tool.

The hand is the forging hammer for your body; without knowing how to use that hammer, your body won’t be able to reach its highest level of utility. Lifters, bodybuilders, fighters, gymnasts, climbers, blacksmiths, sports athletes, and generally everyone can benefit from hand training. 

The art of the naked hand is one of longevity; hand strength is a skill worthy of its own unique art, and it takes significant time and dedication to develop the kind of hand strength that will grant you the power of legends.

When I say legends, I mean power like that of the arm wrestling champion Dennis Rogers, who possesses the strength to bend wrenches and hold back a Harley with his grip strength.

I mean power like that of the “Godhand” Sosai Mas Oyama, who had the hand power to chop off the top of a glass bottle, and to literally chop off bulls’ horns with his hands.

The hand strength of Bruce Lee is well known in terms of his one-inch punch, his two finger pushup, and his two-thumb suspension. The versatility of the art of the naked hand is incredible. Training it is quite versatile as well; anything from grippers to makiwaras, Inch dumbbells to pinch grips, fingertip pushup variations, dexterity balls, and much more can be used to develop incredible hand strength.

I’m going to let you in on a training technique that I personally use to consistently improve my grip strength, and that helped me develop the hand strength to bend metal and consistently improve my PR’s in thumb pushups.

Best part is, these exercises can be done essentially anywhere, anytime. These are incredibly simple, yet brutally effective, especially when trained on a daily basis. 

I do exercises for both the flexors and extensors of the hands in order to boost hand and tendon strength. With the incredible number of tendons that run through the hands, you’ll want exercises that are as tendon intensive as they are muscle intensive.

In fact, it’s because hand strength is powered largely by tendons that the art of the naked palm is an art of longevity.  Here’s a look into my daily art practice:

1.)    Place the palm side of your fingertips onto a sturdy, flat surface. Squeeze the surface with your fingertips firmly for 30 seconds.

2.)    Place the nail side of your fingertips on to the surface and apply pressure through your nails for 30 seconds.

3.)    Now, try the palm side again, but this time, don't less how firmly you squeeze; focus more on how hard you contract the muscles and tendons in your hands. Put your full attention into the strength of your contraction. Your hands should be shaking. Do this for 30 seconds.

4.)    Once more, put that same intent into the nail side for 30 seconds.

If you do this exercise at least once a day for thirty days, you’ll note a remarkable difference in the strength of your hands. The most important aspect of this exercise is persistence. True hand strength is an endeavor that some dedicate their entire careers to, so stay the course and you'll see the results.