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Athletic Strength and Power – Evolve Your Level of Physical Domination

Are you a person who has always been noted for your agility and dexterity, yet was lacking when it came to a contest of strength? Or perhaps you're a person who has a great deal of strength, called upon often to lift heavy things or open difficult containers, but don't even have the endurance or speed fit for a toddler. Maybe you lack both; you envy the physical type of people, claiming you were never really an athlete and choosing instead to focus on academia, arts, or the screen of a television. NONE of these options should be for you, and allow me to tell you why and how you can evolve yourself, physically and mentally, to have athletic strength and power.

Agility and dexterity are great qualities of a remarkable athlete, and often of a martial artist. If this is you, you can probably outrun most guys, and choose to focus on technique and skill if a strength contest arises. In fact, you may choose to avoid strength confrontations altogether. This is very dangerous, for three reasons.

One, if you choose to rely on agility with no strength development, you WILL get injured. No if, ands, or buts about that; quick and nimble movement puts a high level of stress on your ligaments and muscles. Without developing their strength, the stress will eventually overcome them, resulting in a muscle tear, ligament tear, tendonitis, etc. This is potentially career ending for an athlete, and any preventative measures, even if as simple as conducting a short weight training session before or after practice, should be taken before the damage compounds.

Two, your performance will suffer. You have put great emphasis on owning the best techniques or being the fastest at your sport. What happens when you encounter someone who has trained strength, while also developing technique and skill? If you are a martial artist, the results can be devastating; if a person is able to tire you out or deliver a strike that robs you of your speed temporarily, the match is essentially over for you. This happened often in boxing; a technical boxer with great footwork is tired out by a rusher with relatively good footwork and speed, yet great strength and power to boot. Many of Mike Tyson's victories are a testament to this.

Three, why limit yourself? You are restraining your own potential progress in your art if you neglect strength training. True strength training will give you true athletic strength and power. The argument that it will make you slow has long lost credibility – strength training helped make Bruce Lee one of the fastest men alive, and enabled a man over 200 lbs (Bud Jeffries) to sprint 100 meters in 6 seconds or run a mile with 315lbs of weight on him. The key is to not train for aesthetics, but instead to cater your training to athleticism: training with partials, developing muscle control, training like a powerlifter (heavy weights, low reps) for explosive strength, and so on.

If you are the second person, with the strength of a bull but the speed of it's dung, you NEED to train for athleticism. Naturally, humans are nomadic animals; this is evidenced by the numerous health complications that can result from a completely sedentary lifestyle. If you have strength yet no power or speed, you might take this as an excuse to become progressively more sedentary, especially if it's because you've sustained a dangerous injury in the past. You exhibit yourself in contests of strength, and further develop your strength from time to time, but otherwise you eat, work, and sleep with smaller increments of movement each day. This road will take you in the opposite direction of health. Go do some true strength training (focus on heavy weights instead of high reps) in a partial range to help yourself get over past injuries. Also, if the injury was that serious, see a doctor or an acupuncturist and have it checked out. Eat some anti-inflammatory foods and walk barefoot outside for 15 mins a day (barefoot walking on the bare earth, not pavement or sidewalk, gives your body antioxidants that help reduce inflammation). If your problem is energy, perform intervals of maximum intensity lifts to help your body acclimate to physical exertion faster, and each foods rich in nutrients and preferably raw unless the food requires cooking; eating this in contrast to a highly processed diet, along with drinking plenty of water, will help you get the energy you need for the athletic strength and power you seek.

But if you don't seek it, and instead choose to remain physically degenerative, potentially lacking agility, strength, or any physical ability whatsoever, you may do so. However, your health will progressively suffer. Your willpower for some necessary life choices will diminish (yes, physical training has a strong impact on willpower). Even your mental clarity may decay as your body ages and succumbs to all manner of conditions that a healthy immune system may be able to combat.

Athletic strength and power is not some legendary, mythical goal only to be attained by the Chosen One. It is here, attainable by any and all who want to develop it. You can be fit and strong eight to twelve weeks from now, even if your current physical state is far from healthy. You can be healthier, faster, and stronger tomorrow than you are today, even if just by a little bit. But no one else can change you; YOU have to change you. The information that you need to achieve your goals are all over this site; it's up to you to read and use it. Bookmark this article and re-read it in eight weeks. If you are the same fitness level, delete it and don't return to this site, because nothing else that I have to say will mean anything if you won't use it. But if you are faster, stronger, more powerful in those eight weeks, even if only a little bit, email me (forthepowerseekers@gmail.com). Send a picture, your story, the whole nine yards, and I'll dedicate a page on my site to YOU, a new Master of the Muscular Strength System.

P.S. If you have tried the information on my site to no avail, still email me so that I can give you some instruction.