Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Be aware of your surroundings

by Gordon Anderson
(Oregon USA)

Several years ago a man who was a nationally recognized martial artist and member of the martial arts hall of fame was intentionally bated into a fight by individuals who had set up a form of ambush for him by insulting his wife in a bar. Unfortunately he physically attacked them in front of witnesses, some of which were plants by his attackers.

The attackers sued the martial artist. The psychological and physical strain, together with the expense of the law suit eventually killed the martial artist.

We are living in volatile times and a lot of people in business, politics, and social situations will exploit anger and the weakened condition that it puts you in.

In the state where I live the assault law carries a penalty of 7 years in prison and it is almost automatics. There is an old saying among boxers "Never lose Your Head In The Ring". Today more than ever that applies to life in general

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