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Body and "The Force"

by Gordon Anderson
(Oregon USA)

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Today, 10:16 AM
I remember reading that The Mighty Atom, the famous old time Jewish strongman,used to visualize “light” pure energy flowing into the muscles that he wanted to influence. He also would visualize his arms as a fire hoses and visualize water under pressure flowing into them. Alois P.Swoboda referred to this FORCE as “Conscious Energy”.

I like the way that the following article makes a distinction between the body the vehicle and the “Life Force” the power source.

“According to the Zohar, one of the central classic works of the Kabbalah, man is a microcosm embodying all of the mysteries of the universe. Joe knew this to be true, though the writings indicated that the" Infinite Light"was beyond human understanding...............

The Hebrew mystical writings, the Kabbalah, refers to 'the Inner Light'.' The Orientals have a name for it: 'chi ' in the Chinese, and ' ki ' in the Japanese . It was the quest of this power which filled Joe Greenstein's hours and days. The spirituality which he sought was pragmatic, for the higher, his understanding, the greater the result in his physical performance. His muscles, bones, and tendons had been tenaciously prepared, but they were only the vehicle. It was his ' life-force' which drove the machine; he had trained. the machine not to break”

Ed Spielman
" The Spiritual Journey Of Joseph L. Greenstein The Mighty Atom

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