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Bruce Lee Strength

by Paul

Mr. Lindsey my name is Paul Brown. I'm 26. (I have already sent you an email, but I don't know how often you check it and I want to training, so please forgive me for sending the same message twice sir.) I saw some of your articles online and I am interested in isometric training. I have uses it on and off for years, since I was 18 maybe, with some good results, but I have been searching for the perfect routine for my body. I saw Maximetrics on your site and got it. I also have 7 seconds to perfect biceps. My question is, how many reps were you doing to build this frying pan rolling strength? As you know in Maximetrics we're told to do 8 reps of each set of exercises, but in Perfect Biceps, and an article of yours, we're basically told to do 1 set of each exercise. My body already looks really good, so at this point I couldn't care less about making it look nice. I want super strength like yours and Mr. O'brien's. Besides how many reps, how many days a week were you doing the isometrics? In Maximetrics it's twice a week, if I'm not mistaken, and in Perfect Body it's 1 day per muscle group. I'm a full body workout guy so what's best here? I have one more question about A.R.M.. The part about using isometrics, with a 60% contraction, for recovery. Do you do one rep or more?

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May 11, 2016

by: Jarell

Hello Paul, and thank you for reaching out! There are different rep ranges for the two programs because they focus on different goals. Maximetrics is a mass building program, so the goal of it is to build mass, with an additional strength component. Inversely, 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body is a purely strength building program, though it can certainly improve mass, but mostly muscle density, tendon/ligament strength, and nerve recruitment. Having that ability to activate all of your nerves simultaneously is what develops that ability to perform strength feats like frying pan rolling.

My focus is lean muscle, so I only perform Maximetrics exercises on occasion; the core of my routine stems from PB. One rep of each PB exercise once a week is more than enough to develop the nerve recruitment for strength feats, which I would recommend be performed under the eye of a trained strongman coach.

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