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Bruce Lee's Workout Routine

by Batman

"In fact, for me the Bruce Lee physique represents the pinnacle of functional fitness, lean efficient, fast and strong. As a personal trainer, fitness instructor and martial artist the Bruce Lee body represents the best elements of both body sculpting and real world strength. As such I spent years researching the elusive Bruce Lee training methods."

Bruce Lee is one of the biggest fitness icons of our generation, and he trained well for function. This is part of his incredible functional workout that helped him develop a legendary physique and his incredible martial arts strength.

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Jun 05, 2014
Bruce Lee Workout
by: John

What Bruce did all those years back is remarkable. He went against all the established traditions and rules. Every few weeks or so when I watch the UFC and wonder how much he he would enjoy this. MMA is Bruce's vision. If he had access to the great training facilities and nutrition we have now WOW just imagine...

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