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Interviewing the Power Seekers - Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries, one of the strongest men alive, gives some great answers to my questions about his life and training. Check it out now!

Alright, for the beefy, beguiling, bestial yet beloved Bud Jeffries! How old were you when you began your strength training journey, and why?

I started because I've always been fascinated with strength and I started playing football at 13. Really started training at 14. 

Did you ever train differently than you do now; if so, what made you change?

Yes. Over the course of my training I have tried all kinds of things. However, the first guys I trained with were old school competitive power lifters. The base they taught me to build has had a lifelong sanity building effect. Meaning even when I try insane things it always goes back thru the filter of basics. I've trained as a powerlifter, strongman, fighter, and for nearly everything under the sun. Gaining mass, losing weight, sport, endurance, agility, health, survival. Working with steel workers, fighting, and watching people close to me have health problems radically changed how I train. That and years of development have brought me to my current style.

You are an inspiration for big guys who want agile strength; was that agility a goal of yours, or a fringe benefit of your training?

Both. What sense is it to be strong but immobile? But strength helps mobility and agility when you train them right. Because I'm stronger I'm more agile, but I specifically train to get agility. They play together. Health and survival need agility. You don't have to sacrifice strength or muscle to be mobile. 

You are not only a proponent of strength, but also of strong moral values. How do these values affect your training, and your day to day life (programs with kids, etc.)?

Physical training is the best way to build mental strength and can be character building. Now that doesn't mean that everyone who trains hard becomes a better human being. That's obvious. While strength teaches concentration, toughness, follow thru, problem solving etc it doesn't teach essential human traits of kindness, love and peace. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and that we're here for a reason. The really happy people use their talent and strength to help others. That's why I do the school anti bully programs I do. That does effect my life ROFL! 300 shows this year! Crazy schedule but it let's me work doing what I love, giving back, helping kids. Also...you want to really know what daily, usable strength is and what the life of the old time strongman was like? Try a tour like this... 

Now, your son Noah (pictured above) is a strongman in his own right; does he inspire you to train, and connect more with youth in physical culture?

My son will eclipse me in many strength feats. That's awesome! Yes he inspires me to train! I hope people can take him as an amazing story and be inspired to make their life incredible! Noah isn't just a strongman, he's also a high level jujitsu player, musician, world class shooter and a kid who doctors said wouldn't even be born. He's overcome dyslexia and is a huge example of what you can do if you don't believe in limits! 

Do you have any motivational tips for anyone who is starting/restarting their fitness journey?

Yes! You're never too old/young/hurt/broke/busy or any other thing to get it done. Start with changing just one thing. Build a habit. Learn the real, right way to perform the exercises. Do something for real strength, mobility, endurance and health. Learn to eat. And don't allow limits! You can do it! 

And how can we find you online? (FB, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, programs, etc.)



www.officialbudjeffries.comand on Facebook and Twitter under my name.