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Cheap Ways to Exercise – Training for Your Budget (or Lack of One)

Gyms and fitness companies can be pretty ruthless when it comes to offering you their services. Membership prices and fees or buying fitness equipment can run you a pretty hefty fee. Still, fitness should be a health priority that isn't limited by your financial status. Fortunately, there is one fitness product that won't wear out, doesn't require fees or shipping and handling, and is accessible whenever and wherever you want it.

Your own body. Bit of an ego trip, isn't it?

The fitness capabilities of the human body are often discounted by weightlifters and bodybuilders who swear by cold steel weights, large gyms and protein shakes. They claim that any training involving just the use of your bodyweight is reserved for aerobics, yoga, and Pilates classes, but not for true strength. Does the man below, who trained exclusively with a bodyweight system called muscle control, look like he lacks true strength?

I think not. Bodyweight training allows you to develop full control of your own weight so that your strength and mobility improve exponentially, along with your physique. Furthermore, I only want to promote things that will help you to develop a high level of strength, and bodyweight training will do just that.

If you will focus your mind on your training, you can produce maximal results, without powders or supplements. If fact, certain kinds of bodyweight training may grant you better results than some weight training programs.

Types of bodyweight exercises include some classic calisthenics (pushups, pullups, squats/squat jumps, etc.) Others can be more advanced like the wrestler's bridge or a wall sit. The point behind the exercise is that you focus your mind on your muscles for a maximal contraction rather than mindlessly performing the exercises.

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