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Chest Isometrics and Dynamic Tension

by Robert F.

Okay, so we know with the multiple sets and contractions with Maximetrics builds up more bulk due to the HGH response. How does the 7-12 seconds multiple sets play into that when you were doing the multiple chest presses in that vid you made a few months back. How does that stimulate growth?

Also, what's your approach to dynamic tension? Slow and hard as possible or lighter tension? I know it's never max out because we are still moving, but I'm curious about your approach.

Wonder if I should make a constant pump along with lighter isos to help feed for recovery and such?

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Jul 20, 2016
Isometrics for concentration
by: Gordon Anderson

"There is nothing that holds the faculties at work in a sustained and continuous manner as static exercises do. For, as stated before, when you learn to control the body, you are gaining control over the mind."

Theron Q. Dumont
"The Power Of Concentration"

Jul 19, 2016

by: Jarell

The multiple chest presses weren't specifically for growth, though you could see the pump I got at the end of the video. I only did the multiple reps to 1.) encourage strength in those who aren't as adept at muscle control and 2.) strengthen my nerve endurance for feats like steel bending. I achieve both in a more efficient way with my training now.

Dynamic tension? Simple, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. The tension I apply differs from day to day depending on both my goals and my feeling, but always slow tension, usually settling for medium to high.

Also eat. Hella.

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