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Clarification regarding Perfect Body Program

by Erick Eugene

G'day Mr Lindsey,

Hope you are living the incredible life you totally deserve.

I have a few questions for you. Hope you don't mind answering them ;-)

1) Does the Perfect Body Program work only the muscles or also the tendons, ligaments and interconnecting fascia?

The reason for this doubt is because Mr O Brien has as you know released a Program called Samurai strength in which he dedicates a volume entirely for exercising the connective tissue strength. So does the PB program works only the muscles or also the connective tissues(atleast to some degree)?

This questions may seem stupid. But please bear with me :-)

2) How long(with intense dedicated training) will it take to see undeniable strength gains(like doubling one's strength) in the PB Program?

3) Does the PB Program increase one's endurance and stamina?

Thanks a ton for your priceless assistance!

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Jul 23, 2017

by: Jarell

Hello Erick, I hope that your life is equally incredible in its own regard.

The Perfect Body program does, in fact, work the tendons, ligaments, and fascia, as does Samurai Strength. The difference lies in the focus, with PB focusing on myofibrillar muscle growth, while Samurai Strength focuses more on connective tissue development and integration.

This second question is one that I get a lot, and one that is so subjective that it has no real answer. What is undeniable strength? What is there to double? How much you can lift, how much endurance you have, and how mobile you are can make the difference, but so does fat loss, injury recovery, and relaxation. So there is no way to gauge that exactly; in my opinion, train like there is no tomorrow, and the consistency will tell you better than I can. Regardless, people have seen incredible results from these programs in a matter of 12 week or even less.

PB will improve every aspect of your personal fitness. With its emphasis on breath work, stamina and endurance are top of the list to be improved on. Hope that helps!

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