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Keep the wealth of info on this subject coming my friend. Much appreciated,I've been interested in all things dynamic tension for over 20 years of trial&error&you explain it better than anyone thus far. I could not agree more as to the effectiveness of these exercises,ect,but they must be done correctly to get results. That is where you help out!
Thanks again,Andy

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Jun 10, 2016

by: Jarell

No, thank you, Andy! I'm glad to have readers who have interest in and can help to spread knowledge on topics that are undermined in the fitness community overall.

Isometrics and dynamic tension exercises are difficult to explore for a lot of people who exercise because of the level of autonomy that they require, but nonetheless a proper trainer can use them as incredible tools to rebuild one's body from the inside out, and help to return us to our natural state of functionality.

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