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Lean Functional Muscle pt. 2 -Train Like a Warrior

What is a rest day to you? Do you do squats, leg press, leg curls and sprints one day, and not work legs again for 4 days? Or about the same with arms, back, every other part of your body? That is not what a rest day should be. So you’ve trained to master a full, 100% muscle contraction, and now what? The work you put into your training is worth as much as a bucket of cherry pits if you don’t work at it on a daily basis.

I use the word training as opposed to workouts on purpose; training is a constant process, ever evolving and constantly being amended.

No matter your strength goals, reaching them is a daily process. Perhaps you did leg day and you don’t wanna overtrain your muscles. Let me first establish this fact: most people don’t put enough intensity into their workouts on a consistent enough basis to truly overtrain their muscles or nervous systems. A lot of people won't overtrain a day of their lives.

However, you can train a body part on a daily basis without overtraining the muscle, depending on the intensity. For instance, if you spend one day doing max lift PR’s, try doing some light jogging, kick practice, yoga, anything that’ll benefit the blood flow and neural energy of your legs.

Every day, you should work at the skill that you have; wrestlers may strength train at varying times, but will wrestle daily. Martial artists may do intense static stances and bodyweight exercises, but still train on a daily basis. There is not a true elite athlete that doesn’t hone their craft on a daily basis, and that goes for strength athletes as well.

Many people will say things like, "If I was in as good a shape as you..." or "If I wasn't so busy..."

Adam Glass is a great example of the opposite of those statements. He is a world-class grip master who decided to improve his calisthenic skill. His journey began with a few back levers, handstands, and flags, but the calisthenic skill he shows now from his daily progress is more than most will attempt in their lifetimes. 

He wasn't just born with a natural propensity for calisthenics; he worked at it, and his progress is no accident, with no excuses. Check it out for yourself...

Adam's Training May 1st, 2014

Adam's Training July 21, 2014

A warrior lives training, breathes it, and any waking moment is a thought about the lifestyle of honing their skill. The key to true strength is consistency in your training, on a daily basis. You’ll beat your own expectations by leaps and bounds if you have the fortitude to test your strength and mettle daily. Simply, to become a master of strength, you must become a master of practice. That is how you train like a warrior.

When you train, your skill and strength should be instinct because of the consistency of your training. A man once told me not to train until I get it right, but to train until I couldn't get it wrong. Does your health, strength, fitness or vitality mean that much to you? If so, you'll put in the necessary time and effort to accomplish your goals.

Speaking of breathing your training, the last part of the installment will cover breathing, an often overlooked aspect of training.