Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Deceptive Strength by Logan Christopher

The biggest premise of this website is that "strength is more than just muscle." You can develop powerful, lean, functional muscle that rivals the bulky giants of the strength world. A man who truly understands the meaning of this statement to the core is Logan Christopher.

This is Logan, at the most weight that he's been. He's over 6' tall, but weighs 180, 185 maximum. Naturally, a guy like that can't be that strong, right?


Never more wrong. Logan Christopher, owner of LegendaryStrength.com, is known as the Physical Culture Renaissance Man - in simpler terms, this man has tried it all. Logan has pulled a firetruck with his hair, bent thick steel bolts with his hands, juggled flaming kettlebells, and much more.

Big things come in small packages, eh?

That's what having lean, functional muscle is about.

That's what Logan's book, Deceptive Strength, is all about.

The heading is "being strong while staying small." You can develop an immense level of strength without having too much muscle to properly wipe yourself. Smaller guys can train to be much stronger than their larger competitors. Were this not the case, there would be no need for lifting competitions, because the biggest guy would automatically win, which is not so.

I often look to history to validate my claims, but in fact there are other examples today of men who have strength that goes far beyond the size of their physiques. You may or may not have heard the name, but within strength circles, this name is legend...

...Dennis Rogers.

Grandmaster Rogers is 5'6", and weighs no more than 160 drenched in sweat with clothes on. This one man has also changed the face of the strength game completely, becoming world champion in arm wrestling, and having the strength in his body to bend steel wrenches, bolts, and bars, hold back bikes, cars, and even Cessnas from taking off, and tearing decks of cards in his hands like a bad report card. This man has nothing short of gargantuan strength, yet possesses lean, functional muscle. How?

Deceptive Strength explains how someone of that size can attain such strength. Functional strength can be deceptive, as a man who looks physically "normal" can have a level of functional strength that seems illegal.

As I say, strength is more than just muscle.

As Logan explains, strength includes empowering the connective tissues of the body, the joints and bones, the nervous system, and (an aspect that many neglect in their training) the mind.

This book doesn't just talk theories. It tells exact, set out ways and methods for you to take your strength, if not your size, to a whole new bracket.

Who can benefit most from this book? ANY and EVERYONE, because there will always be someone bigger than you. But that person doesn't necessarily have to be stronger than you. Specifically, those looking for a ripped lean physique, or training simply for strength without a change in  physique. In other words, deceptive strength.

This is an especially great read and system for anyone who competes in weight classes (powerlifters, boxers, wrestlers, martial artists, etc.). Increasing your muscle mass in competitive sports like this also means increasing the size of the competition you face, further increasing the gap between their size and your strength.

This book will bridge that gap and build a house on the other side, but only if you are diligent in following the tips and techniques that Logan has to offer, among many things. This is one for the ages, and it delivers.