Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Definitions of Strength

"Strength" and "power" are words often tossed about in the fitness industry. Every fresh, monthly fitness program or pyramid training offers a decidedly skewed perspective of both.  

But what do they mean? 

Strength, in terms of physical fitness, is "the power to resist force". Naturally, in this sense, the one able to resist the greatest amount of force (i.e. move a large weight, bend thick metal, etc.) is the "strongest".  While I seek to obtain, and educate you, in this aspect of strength, I prefer to view strength as the great strongman Arthur Saxon views it:

"Genuine strength should include not only momentary strength, as proved by the ability to lift a heavy weight once, but also the far more valuable kind of strength known as strength for endurance.

This means the ability, if you are a cyclist, to jump on your machine and ride 100 miles at any time without undue fatigue; if a wrestler, to wrestle a hard bout for half an hour with a good man without a rest, yet without becoming exhausted and reaching the limit of your strength.

Apart from sports, enduring strength means that the business man shall stand, without a break-down, business cares and worries, that he shall be capable, when necessary, of working morning, afternoon and night with unflagging energy, holding tightly in his grasp the reins of business, retaining all the while a clear mind and untiring energy, both of body and brain."

This extends the concept of strength past the pure physical aspect, which in itself is quite phenomenal.

However, endurance, willpower, and the skill to break all limits are all things that physical training helps to develop. Mental mastery and the concept of having an "immovable mind" are components that become further developed with isometrics.

That's the beauty of exercise. It helps you, physically and mentally, to overcome the obstacles in your life with greater success.

You can be a strongman in whatever craft you seek, so long as you have the wherewithal to "resist the forces" of life as they come your way.