How A Crippled Woman Taught Me To Walk

Or, About Me

Results from my isometric training (and Shea checking my form)

What do you give when you have nothing? A little bit more.

I knew a woman who gave more conviction in a single blink, bend, or bellow than I may have given in the course of my life thus far.

Mom had multiple sclerosis, diabetes, MRSA, Parkinson's, and a grocery list of ailments. She was confined to a wheelchair when mobile, a bed otherwise.

Even from a young age, my brother and I would feed her, clothe her, and care for her in every way that we could. But there is a quote about my mother that sticks with me.

"Gloria Lindsey had a sickness, but the sickness did not have Gloria Lindsey."

Let me help you gain strength and lean muscle!

Hello, I am the son of Gloria Lindsey. I learned about strength straight from the source. I learned how important it truly was to never neglect inner strength for the physical.  

Through my apprenticeships with professional strongmen, martial artists, personal trainers and more, I've learned the best possible ways to train the human body, with or without equipment.  

I have developed lean functional muscle through diverse isometric exercises, dynamic tension training, and powerful breathing exercises.

I can bend horseshoes with my bare hands and roll a frying pan like a burrito. I will teach you how to reach this level of strength, but even more importantly, and even mightier...

...I will teach you the strength I learned from a woman who lacked the strength to hold a pencil.

...I will show you how to awaken your conviction to drive toward your passions, as I learned from a woman who could only drive a point home.

...I will show you exactly how a crippled woman taught me to walk.

-Jarell Lindsey

Owner, Lean Functional Muscle

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The site grows each and everyday, and nothing makes me prouder than having a chance to really change people's lives with physical culture, and watching the culture grow more and more.

Yours in strength, 

Jarell Lindsey

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