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Dynamic Tension Squats (VIDEO)

Extreme dynamic tension shown in sanchin kata.

The key to these dynamic tension bodyweight squats is the amount of focus you put into contracting your leg muscles. Dynamic tension is optimal for training your muscle memory in a movement. 

Dynamic tension was popularized by Charles Atlas, but the system was pushed aside because Atlas was said to have used weights in his training. That should not discredit dynamic tension and its benefits.

Dynamic tension has been a part of martial arts styles for centuries (watch a traditional karateka execute a "sanchin" kata). It means focusing on how hard you can contract your muscle in dynamic actions, like tensing the muscles of your core, arm, and chest as you slowly throw a punch.

Looking to increase your squat? Start the week off with a heavy squat rep to see where you're at. Spend the rest of the week doing dynamic tension squats with either bodyweight, or less than 50% of your squat max. 

You're doing this daily, and you're training the nerves, not the muscle, so you want low intensity. Continue that style of training on a consistent, progressive basis and watch your numbers go up.