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Endurance Training – Build and Relax Your Body to Last

The muscular strength system, when brought to its supreme level, must be able to last. If a boxer had enough power to throw one dynamite punch, but was too tired and lacked the endurance to match his or her opponent and throw it, s/he likely wouldn't win very many matches. Likewise, if you could put great strength into something once, then needed to retire for too long, your strength wouldn't be very functional. Endurance is key to an immensely fit person, but how do you get it?

Well, part of it is muscle. The stronger the muscle you have, the better it can oxygenate, remove waste and, all in all, endure. The muscle type you train will make a difference; slow twitch muscle fibers endure long periods of activity, whereas fast twitch muscles are much more powerful but fatigue quickly.

There are muscle specific types of training, but let's discuss methods that will thoroughly fatigue, and thus rebuild, all of your muscle fibers. This will give you crushing strength and lasting endurance together.

Before we get into that, we must discuss the other part of endurance: mental attitude. “This is gonna be difficult” and “I'm getting tired” are thoughts that will psyche your body out, making your physical exertion that much harder. Your workout is already beating up on you, so why do it to yourself?

To access your full mental fortitude and true endurance, you have to relax. Being tensed puts undue strain on your muscular strength system and you'll tire out much quicker. Once you have properly relaxed, you should self-motivate. Statements like “My legs are filling with strength. My power will push me through” might seem ridiculous, but are no more so than “I can't lift this, this is too heavy.” When you have achieved this, your muscular system can work its magic.

Squats, deadlifts, leg presses and bench presses, when performed with maximum intensity, are great endurance exercises. Muscle control is also a great way to relax your muscle and build precious vital energy, boosting your endurance and recovery speed incredibly. Learn how to Contract Maximally to discover a simple tip for building maximum strength and endurance.

Something as simple as rest will help recharge your endurance too! Getting a sufficient nights sleep and allowing your muscles adequate time to repair themselves encourages renewed and improved endurance.