Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Fear Mastery

Fear is a constant reminder of our limitations in life. We are afraid of heights, so we refrain from entering altitudinous spaces. We are afraid of failure, so we don't learn to leave our comfort zones. The list goes on and on, but the premise remains; we are paralyzed by our fears.  That much is evident, but how can you go about reversing or eliminating them?

You must learn to die to truly value life.

That my seem a morbid way to put it, but bear with me. Roman philosopher Cicero taught that, "No man can be ignorant that he must die, nor be sure that he may not this very day." Death need not enter your every thought for you to live your life to fullest; nevertheless, an understanding of death can help you to understand the value of life and realize that tomorrow may be too late to conquer your fear.  Often times, people fear death because they have not reached the standards they have set for themselves. In this, we must learn to put our best into every endeavor, so as to have no regrets when the time comes. This allows us to find comfort in our many experiences by learning to face our uncomfortable ones.

"What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?" "If you died tomorrow, what would you do today?" The list of quotes for this concept goes on and on, but the importance of the quotes is that the power to transform yourself comes from within you. The only purpose of motivational programs is to help you search within for the motivation you seek. Searching elsewhere for a way of conquering yourself takes away the control that you have and gives it to whatever else you are looking toward. Embracing the value of life puts the control in your hands and gives you the opportunity to do things otherwise unimaginable. Because, when faced with the prospect of death, what is there to lose? There is little reason to tip-toe through life in order to arrive safely at death.

What does this mean for your training? You are in control, so it means you can accomplish whatever your personal goal is. Stronger deadlift? The training for it is simple. 5 reps of your handstand pushup? A cakewalk. When you truly value your life, you know that you are possible, and that all you seek to manifest is as simple as knowing that you can accomplish it. How tall does that building seem now? How high is that mountain, or dark is that room? Of course, your mastery of yourself does not actually change those factors themselves, but your ability to cope with and overcome those factors is transformed quite simply.