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Ferocious Fingertips: Pre-Order the Definitive Fingertip Training Book

This is the key, the missing link, the chosen one of all strength training that causes many to falter in their quests for power: finger strength. Fingertip training translates to every aspect of your fitness journey from pushups to pullups, deadlifts to deadhangs, shoulder shrugs, shoulder flags, and all the exercises in between. You may have powerful fingertips and not be able to do those exercises, but you never be able to do those exercises without powerful fingertips.

This is important stuff, catch my drift?

But, where do you begin? Do you just start deadlifting and hope that your fingers get stronger? Or maybe you do some forearm curls and pray that'll help. What about fingertip pull ups or pushups; do the other exercises give you hand strength in those, and vice versa?

The man who has the answers to all of these questions and more has written a book that will leave no corner of your mind, and no aspect of your hand training, unexplored. 

Seriously, your hand strength will be no joke.

Ferocious FIngertips by Matti Marzel is the most definitive book on fingertip training that I've ever read. The man not only researched his topics well, but he poured his soul into putting it together, while personally testing each of the training methods he's outlined at least once. It's not a stretch to say he's even mastered many.

Matti Marzel has come back from suffering an injury that literally sliced the tendons and ligaments in his hands, to come back and do 13 reps of thumb only pushups, 3 handstand pushups on the back of his wrists, elevated V-sit holds on his fingertips, and much more.

4 Finger Elevated V-Sit? That's a guy I can definitely trust for fingertip training.

Matti has written what I believe is the most in-depth treatise on fingertip training in existence; there are more exercises on finger, hand, wrist, and forearm training than many programs write on the whole body.

Not only the exercises, but the history, historical significance, and benefits of each exercise is outlined. This is not simply an exercise book; this is a culture book, a motivational book, a reference book, and a novel all at once.

Don't just take my word, but the words of some of the strongest physical culturists in the world today. It's already been called "The Encyclopedia of Fingertip Training", the "Fingertip Training Bible", and has gotten incredible reviews from top strength athletes.

I honestly cannot offer enough insight into the depth of this book, so you'll have to check it out yourself. Click the link below and pre-order the book now, either in e-Book or physical book form! Order now and you'll have no shipping costs, plus an opportunity to Skype 1-on-1 with Matti for personal training!

I've nothing to say but ORDER NOW!