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flabby pectorals

by Scott

For years I've tried just about everything I could dig up on chest development and to this day my pecs are still saggy and flabby. Know what might help?

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Apr 30, 2016
How To Combat A Flabby Chest
by: Jarell

Thank you for reaching out, Scott. I actually have a chest exercise article planned like the back article I recently put out, and you can sign up for the newsletter for when that is released.

Nutrition certainly plays a vital role when it comes to aesthetics, so lowering your body fat could help reduce your chest flabbiness.

In terms of exercises, filling out your chest would be ideal, which means that isometric exercises that boost mass would be most ideal.

There is a chest exercise sequence that fills out the lower and upper chest quite well from Maximetrics. If you'll check out the link for the program on the Isometric Bodybuilding page (http://www.leanfunctionalmuscle.com/isometricbodybuilding.html), you'll get incredible results in weeks of practice.

But for a simple exercise to try out:

1. Put both hands together with your arms extended, but pointed towards the ground.

2. Breathe for 3-4 seconds as you increase the tension in your chest muscles.

3. Press both hands together as hard as you can, while also flexing your chest muscles as hard as you can, for 7-12 seconds. (Note: do NOT hold your breath as you apply tension. Tense your stomach and breath with your teeth closed, making a 'SSSSS' sound, like air leaving a tire. Doing this will help you to focus more intensity into the exercise, just as martial artists shout before a break in order to focus more power into the concrete.

4. Relax your hands, and repeat the exercise, but with your hands pointing in front of you for the second rep, and your hands pointing upwards for the third. Try it out, and feel free to ask again if you have more questions!


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