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Gordon Anderson

by Gordon Anderson
( Oregon USA)

What we call Dynamic Tension today has been around for centuries under various names and has been used to develop the potential power that we all have within us for different purposes. It's discovery is of a universal law that has been discovered and re-discovered throughout the centuries by people and societies in search of this potential healing and strengthening ability that God has put within all of us. Yogis used it to create unbelievable internal controls that included control of the autonomic nervous system. Martial artists used it to transform a group of monks made weak by passive only meditation into the legendary warriors that the Shaolin Monks became. The Mighty Atom extracted the same principles from the Hebrew Kabbalah that allowed him to perform fantastic feats of strength. Alois P. Swoboda applied the same principles to help people strengthen their minds and bodies to evolve to survive the challenges and changes of a rapidly changing social and economic environment and later prosper from those changes. The following article is one of the best explanations that I have found on how Iso Dynamic Contraction type exercises in the case called Tendon Nei Kung which apply the yogic principle of “Inner Concentration” affect the strengthening of the tendons and ligaments:

“ Some sects of advanced Kung Fu, and Yoga practitioners have long since had a viewpoint different from that of the general Western conception of athleticism and strength. One of the main points of difference is that in their view,the ideal muscle is not rock hard and bulky, as the Western world favors,but rather when relaxed soft and supple,allowing chi to flow through the body. When it's time for action,though,and the muscles are engaged.,then they become extremely hard. The difference is that the muscles are both hard and soft yin and yang and not in a constant state of tension,blocking the flow of energy.........

Yogic exercises, which claim to strengthen the body from the inside out,greatly uniting it by developing all of the non-visible smaller muscles and of course tendons, yielding a strength much different from someone who concentrates solely on his obvious muscles..........

If we lead a relatively healthy life style, practice of Tendon Nei Kung will yield a substantial strength that will serve us well into the last years of our lives. Muscle power, on the other hand, can be built up in a matter of days, but the muscles are apt to lose their power in a very short time if they are not continually stimulated.........

They long ago discovered what today's scientists are rediscovering – energy can be led by the mind. When meditation in motion takes place, physical capabilities are increased many times. Many western athletes have experienced this meditation in motion, or what they term 'being in the zone', For example, it is common for long-distance runners to become so concentrated in their pursuit that they lose track of time completely. Once athletes have experienced this state of absorption or meditation, they recognize how valuable it is to their performance. In effect, their will for achievement was so great that it helped their mind to become very concentrated. The concentrated mind could then help direct more chi to the relevant muscles and tendons, greatly increasing their performance. Unfortunately, most athletes who have experienced this state don't know how they got there or how to get back.”

Mantak Chia
“Tendon Nei Kung”

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May 31, 2016
Tendon Nei Kung
by: Jarell

A beautiful exposition of a history of dynamic tension exercises by Gordon Anderson!

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