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Injury Recovery

by Josh

The biggest thing I want is results similar to yours, and to recover from all of these injuries. From the sound of it, this program could do just that from the way it worked for your family members. I'm definitely going to get the program whenever I get the money to. But you would definitely hold the strongest position in the exercises that are where my tendon issues are once a week? Or would you try for two?

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May 11, 2016

by: Jarell

Well with the intensity of the program, it really only needs to be done once a week whether injured or healthy; the question in my mind was more whether you should train all three angles once a week or just the strongest angle, in which I would go with the third option. But I only train the exercises once a week. Initially I tried training them everyday, but the body doesn't truly show the results of your training until you properly rest. The stronger you get from the program, the more time you need to rest; in fact, Paul himself usually needs about two weeks of rest to recover from the exercise. Makes sense for someone who can leg press upwards of 3000 lbs, although he rarely tries to press that heavy.

7 Seconds to a Perfect Body will be worth every cent, I assure you of that.

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