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Internal Strength

What's the difference between external and internal strength?

Internal strength training isn't so much resistance training as it is learning to make your body as healthy and efficient as possible, from the inside out.

Internal training strengthens your immune system to increase your resistance to illnesses; it strengthens your internal organs, allowing you better digestion and overall waste removal; it strengthens your lungs and diaphragm, improving your blood flow, heart rate, and metabolism; it can even speed injury recovery and fat loss!

Shaolin monks attribute a lot of the seemingly superhuman tasks they perform to internal strength. But you don't have to go to Asia to train internal strength...

Me performing a stomach vacuum, a great exercise for internal strength.

Even old time professional strongmen spoke of training methods that would massage the internal organs or improve your overall constitution, not just your muscular strength. Vital energy was a term that appears often in strongman treatises; albeit the concept is not totally understood by many, it is far from mystical or imaginary, and aligns in many ways with the concept of qi in traditional Chinese medicine and culture.

Below is a great demonstration by Shaolin monk Shi Yan Lei of some of the ultimate potential of training yourself internally.

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