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LFM Interviews

Physical culture is truly a culture; without community, the culture will erode. The strength community is there to empower each member to their greatest strength potentials, and go beyond what their wildest imaginations would allow.

These people are at pinnacles of the physical culture world, each reaching a level of strength, insight, or health that many aspire to.  I've interviewed them, with many more to come, in hopes that their answers to these questions will give more insight for the physical culture community to grow.

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Batman O' Brien - Isometrics Expert, Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, Martial Artist & Swordsman (Owner, Isometric-Training.com)

Ben Bergman - Strongman, Fitness Blogger (Power & Might), Yoga Trainer

Bud Jeffries - Professional Strongman, Steel Bender, Record Holding Weightlifter, Martial Artist, Bodyweight Trainer & Motivational Speaker (Owner, Strongerman.com)

Logan Christopher - Record Holding Kettlebell Juggler, Professional Strongman, Hypnotist, Hand Balancer (Owner, LegendaryStrength.com & LostArtofHandBalancing.com)

Matti Marzel - Hand Balancer, Strongman, Steel Bender, Fingertip Training Expert, Martial Artist (Owner, FerociousStrength.com)

More to come soon!