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Is High Volume Calsithenics coupled with 7 seconds to a Perfect body OK?


I wanted to know if it was ok for me to do 7 seconds to a perfect body or isometrics for that matter along side high volume calisthenics for added strength and muscle gain? I am going to start a workout program that eventually builds up to doing 20 reps or more for 9 or 10 sets for each big muscle group.

I also wanted to know will learning muscle control help maximize muscle strength and mass gain with using only calisthenics and what are your thoughts on weight calisthenics being coupled with the form of Isometrics that you and Batman O Brian use?

You both are a big inspiration look forward to hearing from you.

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Nov 11, 2015

by: Jarell

That is perfectly okay, and in fact I incorporate a lot of calisthenics into my own training doing Perfect Body isometric exercises alongside full body isometric training. For instance, I'll do few sets of handstand pushups and then top it off with the PB shoulder sequence. Let me know how the training goes for you!

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