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Isometric Exercise Articles

I specialize in isometric training and dynamic tension...so as you can imagine, I've dedicated a considerable amount of articles on this website to those two styles of training.

For improved ease of access, I've put links to my most popular articles on the topics below for you to check out. Be sure to comment on them, and share wherever you see fit(ness)!

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body - A 7 week isometric exercise training program

Active vs. Passive Isometrics: the difference in the type of isometric exercise you do will make the difference in your progress

The Art of Isometrics - Having a powerful tool should couple learning how to use it. Isometric exercises are an art with variety

The Art of the Naked Hand - How much power do you hold in your hands? More than you know

How Becoming Stronger Made Me a Weaker Strongman - My journey of strength became one of arrogance. Here I share a rather humbling experience with a valuable lesson

Bodybuilders or Powerlifters - Strength vs. Physique

Deceptive Strength by Logan Christopher Review - My review of a book about being incredibly strong without looking incredibly strong

Does He Look Like A Bitch? - For those with incredible strength without the monster physique

How A Crippled Woman Taught Me to Walk - The lessons of strength I learned from my mother, on disease and isometric exercises

Do Isometrics Burn Calories? - How isometric exercises can turn your metabolism into a furnace

Everything You Don't Understand About Dynamic Tension - pretty self explanatory

Fitness Means Sankofa - Learning to reawaken the strength within you, and recovering what we've lost

How To Build Shaolin Grip Strength with 4 Exercises - Shifu Yan Ming teaches 4 incredible grip exercises in a training video

Isometric Arm Exercises - Intense arm training with isometric exercises

Isometric Bodybuilding - Isometric exercises can build incredible, massive muscle, and I show you how here

Isometric Bodyweight Workouts - I only train my strength using bodyweight workouts, and these isometric exercises are perfect to get a maximal workout anytime, anywhere

Isometric Breathing for Endurance - Breathing is perhaps our most vital function, yet few people teach the development of breath power. This breathing exercise will do just that

Isometric Exercise - The Key to Lean Muscle Mass - all the fundamentals you should know about how effective isometric exercises are at developing lean, functional muscle mass

Isometric Exercises for Nerve Strength and MS - Nerve strength controls your muscles, literally. Learn how isometric exercises can increase your nerve strength, and its potential effect for nerve disorders like MS

Isometric Training for Muscle Mastery - when you have mastered your muscle, you have true ownership of your own fitness progress, no matter where you are

5 Major Isometrics Myths - there are major misconceptions about isometric exercises that even established fitness professionals share. It's debunking time.

Isometrics vs. Plyometrics pt. 1 - Stephen Santangelo, a world record holder and phenomenal trainer, and I had a conversation on exercise that turned into an eye opening debate

Isometrics vs. Plyometrics pt. 2 - Continuation of the incredible debate between me and Stephen Santangelo

Training Tips from Jack Dempsey - How much can you learn about fitness from one of the best heavyweight boxers in history? Quite a lot, I'd imagine

How To Build Lean Functional Back Muscle - Breaking down the anatomy of the back, and presenting exercises that work all of the back muscles

Maximal Contraction - this is the key to developing legendary strength with isometric training

Maximal Tension Isometrics - here's the process of learning to increase your voluntary muscular tension for isometric training

Develop Muscle Control Like Maxick - Learn how to gain full physical autonomy from the greatest muscle control expert of all time

No Time To Exercise? No Problem! - For fitness on the go

Pavel on Isometrics - One of the most famous Russian kettlebell training experts shares his views on isometric exercises

The Best Exercise Program I Never Wrote - Literally my favorite, daily training program that I've never written

My Top Five Isometric Exercises - also rather self explanatory

Use 100% of Your Muscle - you aren't using all the muscle strength that you have. But you can learn, and this is how