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Isometric Exercise: The Key to Lean Muscle Mass

Become a dragon with isometric exercise!

Isometric exercise is more effective for building lean functional muscle than any other form of exercise.  Imagine, you can train in a way that gives you powerfully contracting muscles, incredible health and vitality, and tendons with the tensile strength of diamond!

THAT'S isometric training. That's the training that helped Bruce Lee develop his legendary power.

For example, if you were to stand in a hallway with your back to one wall while pushing the other wall, that is a form of this training. Or, press your hands together in front of you, as if preparing to clap.

Put as much pressure as you can into pushing those hands together, but focus both on maximal effort and maximal muscle contraction. I go into further depth about maximal contraction in this article.

Famed Users of Isometric Exercises

The Great Gama - undefeated catch wrestler in over 5000 matches.

Form of training used: Spent time each morning for 20 years attempting to "thrown down" a tree using a belt wrapped around it.

A man who can win a fight with 5000 men and a tree MUST have some good training methods.

Alexander Zass - circus strongman, broke out of jail during WWI by bending the prison bars into hooks to scale a wall out

Form of training used: Pushed and pulled against chains, gained the ability to bend chain links with his hands and break them with his chest

He broke out of prison to share this training secret with you! Will you listen?


  • It is optimal for tendon strength. The static pressure that is put on the tendons in an isometric workout thickens and strengthens the tendons, which in turn increases the potential strength of the muscle. Isotonic exercises, such as curling a dumbbell, can be detrimental to tendons if used incorrectly.
  • It is great for rehabilitation. Due to its static nature, isometrics is perfect for exercising previously injured joints. The nature of the exercise is that blood builds up before the muscle while contracted, then washes over that muscle once relaxed, washing over the joints as well. 

  • It is efficient for time constraints. Workouts do not require a great amount of time to perform, depending on your effort and mental focus. As with pressing your hands together, if you visualize crushing a stone between your hands, and put in an according effort, the entire workout for the corresponding muscle set can last about 7 seconds. That's right, 7 seconds.
  • It is essential for strongman-level strength. Just like Alexander Zass, who broke chains across his chest, isometrics provides the user with enough strength to perform feats thought impossible by normal people, and thought that only 'genetically blessed' or 'legendary' people could perform. Nevertheless, many, seemingly ordinary people have the power to bend industrial nails, make iron scrolls, lift a man with one arm, etc. with this training.

If you want proof that isometrics can give you true, lean, functional muscle, there's no better person to show it than the father of Isometrics himself, Alexander Zass. Watch him bend iron, sustain hammer strikes to the stomach, and more, at no greater than 176 lbs:


  • Many don't know how to maximally contract a muscle. You will get out of a workout what you put in. If you will lightly press your hands together, you won't even come close to Zass level strength. You've got to put every ounce of your strength into that ONE contraction.
  • A 'rise in blood pressure'. Any exercise, of course, has the potential to elevate one's blood pressure. This training can spike the blood pressure because of the immense effort and stress you can put into that motion. That is why it is recommended to do such a high intensity contraction for only 7 seconds. That is also why you breathe throughout the exercise. Do not, I repeat DO NOT hold your breath during an isometric exercise.

  • It is difficult to record your progress. Some of the best exercises can be performed without weights. The problem is that it is much easier to determine strength progress using numbered weights than it is with your bodyweight or a wall.

I've given you enough knowledge about isometrics at this point for you to decide whether you want to become a mighty powerhouse or not. But you'd be crazy not to use isometric exercises. 

If you've read this long, that means that you want the power of isometric exercise to make you a beast.

I've shown you the door, now here's the key...


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