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isometrics and hypermobility

by Bert Meersman
(Wilrijk, antwerpen, belgië)

Hello Paul,

I have a question for you. A couple of years ago I bought your e-book 7 seconds to isometrics.

I find it very difficult to apply your principles, especially because i have troubles with my ligaments. I got diagnosed with hypermobile joints. Not to the extreme, but i was advised to grow muscle. Not so easy...

I tought isometrics were the solution, especially because you say that they are completely safe. Though when i try them, old injuries re-occur and i am in more pain.

Do you have advise for me? Did you already advised some clients in kind of a
rheumatic situation.

I would really appreciate some advice from you. I did already a lot of research on the internet, but i can not find useful advice in combination with isometrics on this field.

Kind regards.


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May 12, 2014
Hypermobility Advice
by: Paul

Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately none of my programs are designed to diagnose or treat a medical condition and I can't give medical advice out via email, which is essentially what you are asking for.

With that I can tell you that Isometrics performed correctly are safe and further that I have used them in a clinical setting and under supervision to build muscles in my patients with similar conditions to yours as you described.

You mention when you try Isometrics old injuries re-occur. Can you tell me more about that, give me an example so I can better understand your particular situation.
All the best,

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