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Isometrics for Joint Pain

Isometric exercises for joint pain, with which you can control the range and intensity, are OPTIMAL for injury recovery with joints.

So imagine this: you want to change the state of your health and fitness. You actually have the motivation to go out and buy a program or book, and you want to try the exercises out...but you have an injury that makes the program useless to you.

Perhaps you have a nagging shoulder injury, or lower back pain, or your knees have suffered enough over the years to make many exercises too difficult for you to perform.

It sounds like 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body is the perfect fitness program for you, because not only can the isometric exercises in the program grant you the strength of a superman, but there are many isometrics for joint pain within the program.

For instance, our friend Bert had a few questions about using the exercises in the program despite his pain:

I have a question for you. A couple of years ago I bought your e-book 7 seconds to isometrics.

I find it very difficult to apply your principles, especially because i have troubles with my ligaments. I got diagnosed with hypermobile joints. Not to the extreme, but i was advised to grow muscle. Not so easy...

I tought isometrics were the solution, especially because you say that they are completely safe. Though when i try them, old injuries re-occur and i am in more pain.

Do you have advise for me? Did you already advised some clients in kind of a
rheumatic situation.

I would really appreciate some advice from you. I did already a lot of research on the internet, but i can not find useful advice in combination with isometrics on this field.

Kind regards.


Granted, the exercises aren't designed to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and there wasn't enough information in this exchange to give a definitely helpful answer.

After Bert provided more information about his condition, here was the reply:

Thanks for the detailed response. That helps clarify the issues at hand.

Firstly I'd advise that you NOT engage in any form of exercise including Isometrics without the consent of your primary care physician/doctor. Once you're cleared make sure that you are being supervised by a qualified professional.

With that said I feel properly supervised, that Isometrics would be ideal form of exercise for you. Primarily because you can adjust the exercises to limit the stress on the tendons.

Obviously this isn't medical advice, but if I was working with a patient in similar circumstances I'd approach it be assessing the alignment of the structure and ensuring you were working only in the joint's strongest range. In addition I'd keep the intensity of the contractions BELOW 60% (above 60% and the muscles start vibrating/shaking). These less intense contractions shunt an increased volume of blood into the area, thus bringing with it all the nutrients necessary for repair. 

Finally I WOULD highly recommend you seek out a great acupuncturist and kinesiologist in your area. It's highly likely that you are blood deficient, which means you will be very slow to recover and your tendons will be weak and this will need to be corrected with dietary/nutritional therapy, acupuncture etc.

Personally that's where I'd start with my patients, a full TCM work-up, treatment plan, dietary plan etc then once the organs and blood is stronger look to Isometrics and ONLY then.

This response comes from the one and only Batman O'Brien, author of the 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body program. And if you could learn to reach the pinnacle of physical fitness from Batman himself...wouldn't you?

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