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Isometrics on the Road -  Travelling the World and Staying Lean, Strong, and Healthy

by Steve Kandro

Travel doesn't mean the end of your training. Fight through your dysfunction with isometrics

We all know the feeling. Whether you come home from a relaxing week on the beach, an exciting road trip, or a trek abroad, you come home a little sluggish, a little less muscular, and a little more pudgy.

After your exciting vacation, you step on the scale or look in the mirror, inviting an attack of biting disappointment in yourself for letting yourself go. I know the feeling. After a couple of weeks of eating whatever you want, drinking way too much, and getting in little to no exercise because you had no access to a gym, you need to dedicate the next month or so to getting straight back to where you were.

What's the alternative? Eat clean, spend one to two hours a day every day on your hard earned vacation, running on a hotel treadmill.

In plain english, screw that.

If you're going on vacation, try those local indulgences. Live.

Isometric exercise gives you the opportunity to do just that. In ten minutes or less a day, you can get stronger than you could have ever believed. The muscle building process that isometrics invites burns hundreds of calories in itself, keeping your metabolism burning like a furnace.

I recently came back from a half year abroad in England. I never set foot in a gym, I ate steak and ale pie, fish and chips, and actually lived on my experience. In turn, I got significantly stronger and managed to keep a relatively low body fat percentage.

All while enjoying the beautiful sights of a beautiful country

Granted, my diet was far from perfect. I ate tons of carbohydrates (which is something I don't recommend) to save money. I was constantly trying new foods, so when I came home I was not quite as lean as I'd like to be, but that was an easy fix; I was nowhere near fat.

However, I had no excuse to miss a workout. In fact, I don't think I ever did. I did isometrics in my dorm room, hostel, on a train, using wherever and whatever I could. The train seat on my journey from Yorkshire back to my apartment in Chester was particularly useful for doing back exercises, even though I got a few funny looks from just about everyone on the train.

Warning: not all isometric exercises are publicly convenient. Neck bridge with caution

My body is my gym. And I take it wherever I go. By using only ten minutes of my time a day, and my own tension for resistance, I was able to get an excellent workout and come home stronger than I’ve ever been in my life.

Aside from convincing people around you that you aren’t in severe pain or extremely angry, there are really no drawbacks to taking your workouts on the road with isometric exercise. Have your cake and eat it too, literally.

(If you'd like to learn more about the isometric exercises that Steve trained, I'd click here.)

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