Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

The Last Son of Krypton - Eric Moss, New Jersey Strongman

The touch of skin to steel is all it takes to give anyone an idea of its strength. When you compliment someone's fortitude, you say they're 'as tough as nails'.

But not the Last Son of Krypton. No, he's way tougher than that.

Eric Moss is a professional strongman from New Jersey who's creating an incredible legacy of his own to continue the legacy of strength giants known as strongmen.  Eric isn't a huge guy at all of 155lbs, so people who initially see him may underestimate the strength he possesses. 

But as I always say, "strength is more than just muscle", and Eric Moss proves how potent the power of the mind can be. Through his apprenticeship with New Jersey's Superman, the late Greg Matonick (Eric's apprenticeship is what earned him the above title), he has learned to live beyond all self imposed limiting beliefs. 

How, you ask? Let this video of Eric's world record steel bending feat, in honor of New Jersey's Superman, give you an idea.

World Record- Eric Moss 2015 from Eric Moss on Vimeo.

The same structural steel used to reinforce concrete in buildings is being bent over the nose of a 155lbs man. What is more impressive than the feat itself is the motivational lesson that Eric teaches from his performances.

Eric is not simply a mighty entertainer -- Eric is a fire starter; he grows the flame within himself to ignite a spark in the hearts of all who observe. The spark sends a message that words alone cannot convey: you have the power to shape your destiny no matter how difficult, just as Eric does with the steel that he bends with his hands.

Eric Moss' signature feat, bending steel rebar over the bridge of his nose

Wrenches, 60d nails, and frying pans are more than just feats to accomplish for a strongman. They are a metaphor for any task in like that seems impossible.

Steel doesn't always immediately bend, even for a strongman. You have to empty your mind of all doubts, and trust that the effort that you put in will achieve the goal you desire. Perseverance will take any goal from impossible to possible, possible to probable, and probable to routine.

There is power in a name, so as you read these last words, remember the name that accompanies them. His name is a part of a legacy, a once dying art that is rising once again from the hearts of people who truly wish to eliminate the concept of limits. 

It is rising from the hearts of people like Eric Moss, at first glance a Clark Kent, but proven to be the Last Son of Krypton.

eric moss strongmanEric Moss, The Last Son of Krypton

I am Eric Moss, I use feats of strength to inspire people, to let them know about their potential and to keep my late mentor's name alive through the lessons of going beyond self imposed limiting beliefs. I also hope to keep a nearly lost form of entertainment alive.

The lessons of bending steel translate to nearly any endeavor one faces and I hope that the lessons stick with the people in my audience so that they can live to their potential and do something awesome with it.

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