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The Law of Attraction -- A Synopsis

On this site, I've already established my belief that thoughts are real forces, and that the way that you think about yourself and environment can affect both how you perceive and how you interact with either.

Whatever it is you believe, your unconscious mind looks for reference experiences to validate that reality through your reticular activation system and through a process called "brain and lane." The law of attraction is real in the sense that you can put yourself on the right path(lane) by changing your beliefs/thoughts/pattern(brain) of action and subtley changing what you focus on. 

Now there are two sayings that I think will help this explanation - "You see what you are" and "You cannot see what you are not the frequency of."

This suggests something pretty phenomenal. This suggests that if you altered your state of being - you automatically alter your life by the sheer fact that your brain wants to validate your reality and give you a lane in life to match your present state. 

So say we all went on the love frequency; as in, we started practicing gratitude and really feeling it. Our brain would now start to focus on love and gratitude as well as whatever else it is we are thinking and we'd start to experience love all around us. We would look for love and zone in on anything of value to validate the love reality in our minds.

What frequency shall you set your mind to?

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