Abandon all weakness, ye who enter here.

Here's the secret to growing lean muscle mass...

Nothing truly worth it ever comes easy.

Maximal muscle contraction. The kind of muscle strength that's only witnessed on the likes of cartoon and anime characters, or those once in a lifetime legends like Bruce Lee, Mas Oyama, and the Great Gama.

The kind of muscle that allows you to be powerful, even more so than many of your competitors, while being much smaller than them.

Is this kind of strength real and truly attainable, without being Bruce Lee? Absolutely, in fact you can have a level of strength that rivals the strength of The Little Dragon himself (although you've got some work to do if you want his skill).

7 Seconds to a Perfect Body and Deceptive Strength can be key to unleashing your true strength potential in lean muscle mass by fully developing your ability to contract your muscles to their maximum capacity.

 I'll hold you no longer; your true strength awaits.

Here are your articles!

Isometrics - The Absolute Formula for Lean Muscle Mass

Isometrics - Why you should do them, and how they'll give you incredible strength results!

Passive vs. Active Isometrics - Establishing the difference between isos for holds vs. explosive isometrics.

Myth busted! The Truth about Isometric Training 

Which is Better: Isometrics or Weight Training? (via BreakingMuscle.com) 

Maximal Contraction - Complete muscle contractions will make you stronger in ALL of your training!

Rehabilitation - Injury recovery never looked so simple.

Workout Recovery - Vital to proper strength development 

Active Recovery - Move through your soreness, and boost your vital energy and workout recovery speed!

Moving Meditation - Empty your mind, allow the world to fill it up.

Use 100% of Your Brain Power! - Maximize the full potential of your mind.

Train Outside! - Revitalize your energy!


Training Advice for All Types

Strength Training for Women - Building muscle does more to tone and burn fat than cardio will. And I promise you won't look like the Hulk.

Strength Training for Kids - No, having your children will not dwarf them, stunt their growth, or harm them if you are smart about it.

Strength Training Form - How important is 'proper form' to a lift? Is proper form always the best way to avoid training injury?

Strength Training for Athletes - Hone your craft, improve your skill, and be stronger and fitter than your competition.

Training for Instinct - Don't train until you get it right; train until you can't get it wrong.

Mental Might and Power

The Power of Thought - Thoughts are forces that dictate our lives on a daily basis. Do you control your thoughts, or do they control you?

Positive Thinking - Did you know that positive thinking, as an aspect of emotional intelligence, was proven to improve business success? Look on the bright side!

You Don't Have A Choice - Sometimes, you have to make a decision that can dictate your whole life. Failure and avoiding the decision aren't options; you must move forward as if losing wasn't a choice.

Virtue - Do you admire the man behind the muscle? Your physical appearance or strength are inconsequential if you aren't a person of virtue.

Failing to Win

Positive Thinking Isn't Enough

Unyielding Conviction

Friends Don't Let Friends Not Lift

Strongman Friends - There are countless benefits to being friends with someone who trains to fight bears and lift boulders daily, but I've narrowed down 5 here.

Physical Culture - The fitness industry is different from physical culture, and the difference is critical.