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Legendary Strength Programs - Build Immense Strength and Be Injury Free

What do hand balancing, kettlebells, and muscle control have in common? With Logan Christopher's programs, they will all build you incredible strength, regardless of your size or past experience.

For example, the program that resonates most with me is Deceptive Strength. I've always been a small guy, and I'm so used to it that I don't think I'll ever try and bulk up to the size of most weight lifters, but I still want a level of strength that can contest, and in some cases surpass those weight lifters. That's what Deceptive Strength is all about: having an incredible, immense level of strength at a small size, hence your strength being "deceptive". This was the kind of strength held by the likes of Bruce Lee, Maxick, Alexander Zass, The Mighty Atom, and other strongmen who were tiny compared to modern lifters, but had ridiculous levels of physical power. 

But there is so much you can do to improve your level of strength at any size. Few people really know what it is or understand it properly, but it's a system of training that you can add to any fitness regimen and make your many times stronger with it.

When people build muscle, they often can only use a small percentage of that muscle, so that people can have arms the size of tree trunks and have the functional strength of a blade of grass. This is where muscle control comes in: it will build you some muscle, but it's main effect is that it gives you the power to control all of the strength that you don't use, improve your immune system, and become healthier overall.

Logan has worked muscle control down to a science, breaking down all the major aspects so that you can make full use of all your muscle mass.

Master Muscle Control

Logan Christopher is a true symbol of strength equilibrium. His hand balancing art requires strength of muscles and tendons, mental concentration, and flexibility, all of which he has. He can bend metal bolts, horseshoes and scrolls with relative ease. He can juggle kettlebells with circus-like artistry and accuracy. He has one of the best levels of functional strength around. He possesses perhaps one of the most notable tolerances for pain around, pulling a full-sized firetruck using only his hair. All of this he does at 6' tall and 180 lbs. The knowledge that he possesses about something he calls “biofeedback training” can truly optimize your training program, no matter what style of exercise you use.

So if you want to build the muscle and tendon strength needed to do kettlebell training and hand balancing like Logan, try these programs out:

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